Welcome to the Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science!

The Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science (SSLPS) was founded in Zürich in 1948.  The society aims to further the development and study of logic and the philosophy of science, and to bring together those interested in these fields.  To this end the society organises a yearly annual conference and various additional courses, and fosters international collabarations.

The Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science is part of the Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics MAP of the Swiss Academy of Sciences ScNat.

Membership of the society is in general open to all those interested in its activities. The annual membership fee is CHF 25. To apply for membership, please send an email to sslps [at] iam.unibe.ch.

The statutes of the society can be downloaded here (available in German only).


Paul Bernays Award 2017

Starting in 2011, the Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science (SSLPS) awards each year the Paul Bernays Award to a young researcher for an outstanding contribution in the area of logic and philosophy of science. The winner of the Paul Bernays Award 2017 is Dr. Silvia Steila. Detailed information is available here.

SSLPS Annual Meeting 2016

The SSLPS Annual Meeting 2016 will be held at the University of Bern on October 28, 2016. It is organized by Thomas Studer. The meeting is entitled
Logic and Probability. Further information is available here.